Friday, February 27, 2009

yummy ice stick..

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I opened my eyes to find him much closer. I watched without moving as he moved closer still, and felt as he pulled my head to kiss him. It was so much better than my pathetic imagination could have even tried to conger up and I couldn’t help but feel all my tension dissolve. As our bodies got even closer, I heard myself moan very quietly, hardly noticeably… but he noticed. His tongue made its way into my mouth and started playing with mine. He had incredible lips. He had one hand holding the back of my neck and the other went on my chest, very slowly making its way down to my breast. Once I felt his hand massaging my tits I didn’t moan so quietly. Very slowly he started to lay me down. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer, and I felt him get on top of me, between my legs. He pushed them open and I could already feel him hard against me and without thinking I pushed up to him. His hand slowly worked its way further down my stomach and slid under my shirt. He then moved over to my neck and started sucking and nibbling lightly. He was touching one of the most sensitive parts of my body and I arched my back and my hands went further down his back pushing him into me.“Darling…” I moaned and he started touching my nipples under my bra. His touch was so experienced, so wonderfully exhilarating that I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as the seconds passed. I could feel that need deep in the lower part of my stomach and I spread my legs wider for him. He stood up and pulled me to him. He had my shirt off faster than I knew possible and then he just stood there looking at me.“I used to dream about doing this to you.” He mumbled and slid his hands up my back and unsnapped my bra, pulling it off to reveal my breasts. My nipples were hard and he didn’t waste anytime, and bent down to suck on the left and the right, got his fingers that pulled and pinched. His touch was making shock waves of pleasure shoot down me, right to my pussy, and I wasn’t sure how long I could stand up straight.He started licking up my neck again and his hands started unbuttoning my jeans. He pulled them down and left me standing there, only wearing my panties. Again he looked at me but I didn’t give him much time. I took over and started kissing down his chest, going on my knees in front of him, feeling for the first time in my life a true need to have a cock - his cock - in my mouth. He pulled off his jeans and stood in front of me only in his boxers. I rubbed at his bulge as I carried on kissing just above his boxers, kissing that incredibly sexy happy trail. Then I finally pulled them carefully off. Now, giving blow jobs was always something I liked doing but his was still much bigger than what I was used to… he was probably about 6 inches and quite thick. I took his balls in my hand and started kissing my way to the top. He had precum on the tip and I licked it up, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. I let the head in my mouth, sucking lightly while still twirling my tongue around the head and paying a little more attention to the underside of his dick. While one hand carried on massaging his balls gently, I started pumping his shaft with the other. I only had a few inches of him inside of me and I felt his hand come behind my head and apply very light pressure.While still holding the base of his cock, I pushed until I had about half of him in my mouth. I kept moving my tongue across the underside of his cock and then I decided to try and get a little more in. I pushed in and could feel him at the back of my throat and started swallowing, making my throat muscles massage him. He moaned to that and I pulled off a little then bobbed back down, pushing even lower. I started going a little faster and after only a couple of minutes he pulled me off, bending down to kiss me. While still holding the base of his cock, I pushed until I had about half of him in my mouth. I kept moving my tongue across the underside of his cock and then I decided to try and get a little more in. I pushed in and could feel him at the back of my throat and started swallowing, making my throat muscles massage him. He moaned to that and I pulled off a little then bobbed back down, pushing even lower. I started going a little faster and after only a couple of minutes he pulled me off, bending down to kiss me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Night invasion part 2

After I had recovered a little I got up, removed my panties and pulled his boxers completely off, I produced a tube of lubricant and began to coat his knob with a thick layer, it had a pleasant warming sensation and his cock was soon slick with the thick gel, I then swung my leg over his torso and positioned his cock end at the entrance of my fanny and tried to sink down onto it, even with the gel on his dick and my running pussy juice it did not immediately enter me, it took sever attempts and more than a few grunts from me before the head slipped in, he looked down and my pussy looked as if it would split so stretched were my lips, however to my great credit I gave one great push and about 5 inches sunk home, I rested as it took me a few moments to get used to it and I sank down another couple of inches, leaving another couple still unwanted, I paused again and grunted as I raised myself up a few inches my fanny lips clinging to his cock, pulling them from my hole, my hands moved to my clit and I gently masturbated it as I began to rise and fall gently on his thick cock gradually building up speed as my pussy became used to his cock, with each stroke I tried to take more and pretty much had it all in when I leant forward and kissed his passionately, my tongue darting into his mouth as our teeth clashed and I creamed onto his now throbbing cock, his cock was begging for release so he began to ride me hard from underneath, I was gasping and calling out “ Oh fuck, Oh fuck. Oh fuck... me” as he pounded my pussy, “I am going to come” he cried out as he gave me a few more full length strokes and shot his load into my now not so tight hole, I collapse onto his chest and we kissed some more until his deflating cock plopped out of my pussy and our combined cum ran into a pool on his groin.

Night invasion part 1

I made my way to his room, slipped off my sweater and jeans, left a lacy half cup bra and white pants. He was sleeping soundly, i climbed over him, gave him a french kiss, sliding my tounge in and out of his mouth like an eel. I sensed that his cock start to stir and it crept to half erection. He glided both of his hands onto my nicely proportioned tits for my size, reached behind my back and released the bra catch and my boobs spilled into view, beautiful firm well rounded with rock hard protruding nipples, he began to squeeze and knead them gently, sending electric shock to my whole body, producing juice to get ready for the insertion. Then he raised his head and gently began to suck on each nipple in turn this caused a slight moan to escape from my lips which became louder at each suck and lick, i rolled onto the bed at his side and as he sucked my nipples i slipped my hand into his boxers. After a few minutes the boxers were pulled down to his knees and i turned and straddled his body my still covered pussy was over his chest and i had his cock held 2 handed with the head still showing , i bent forward and my mouth enveloped his bell end, and my tongue was working over and over the head, the crotch of my panties was now near transparent as it was so wet, he raised one hand and gently pulled the panties to one side so that he could look at the minge that might soon be wrecked, it was bright pink with the wet lips already splayed a little, my clit stood firm and proud and was begging to be eaten, he has about to raise his head to do just that when i repositioned myself and sat back directly onto his mouth and squirmed myself to a early orgasm as he lapped away as best he could under the pressure of my grinding ass, i grunted a few times and a flood of pussy juice washed into his mouth, his cock grew a little more and felt like it was about to burst, i then fell sideways onto the bed and he could finally begin to breath normally.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Capricornean nite.. part 2

He pulled away from my mouth, pulled me back on to the bed and started kissing his way down my body, across my boobs, down my flat stomach, to my inner thigh. My slit was dripping wet and my clit was erected. He went in, kissed my pussy lips and sucked on my clit. I began to moan with intense pleasure. I was enjoying it a lot.

He was aroused, looking deep into my eyes, telling me that he want it, want it badly instead, when he want to push his prick into me, I got up, telling him that we shouldn’t do so, it’s so wrong. He tried to convince me, but I just hugged him tightly, asking you to cool down. We were hugging each other; I can feel his hard on pressed against me, rubbing on my back softly. His hands continued kneading my breast, flicking the tits; I left out a soft moan.

He placed his crotch at the entrance of my slit, rubbing it between my wet pussy lips. He slowly slid in my uninvited pussy, first the head, then a few inches at a time. He was finally buried to the hilt.
I moaned with pleasure as he drew out from my wet slit. My pussy walls closed tight around his head as he slammed his way back down in to me. This caused me to scream. He pulled out and went in again. He started to find a steady rhythm. I was freely moaning. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, this feels so good!!!" I moaned. I looked at his face, his eyes were closed, enjoying that very moment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Capricornean nite..

Lying down beside him, looking at his baby face, sleeping like a baby, hugging the bolster so tightly, I raise my hand wanting to brush his face gently, when he suddenly open his eyes, I freak out and faster draw my hand back, hoping that he didn’t notice my little dark secret.

But he had noticed it and pushed his bolster away, hugged me closer, plating his head over my chest, taking deep breath in, taking in my scents, gliding his hand from my back to my hips, squeezed it, then slowly move it lower down over my ass, holding me closer to press on his hard on crotch, kissing my breast, giving me small bites, sending electric shock over my body, I am so stimulated.

I moved my hands and grabbed the back of his head, pushed it lower, planting it onto my breasts, rubbing his face on my breasts, my heart was pounding faster and faster, letting out little soft moans. He can’t take it anymore; he pulled my shirt down, grabbed my tits with both hands, squeezed them and rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

He bent over and took a nipple in his mouth, I felt his tongue flicking it, moving around it in circles, and nipple it softly with his teeth. I felt a gush of my juice been released, Hmmm this was good!

I crawled over him, he pulled my blouse off, undo my bra, he got up and press me on the bed instead, kissing me, forced his tongue into my mouth, roughly ripped off my pants, then his free hand moved between my legs and he inserted a finger into my wet throbbing hole. His finger went deeper and his thumb found my clit, and he rubbed it while moving his finger in a circle in my pussy.

I reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it back and forth. I pushed him, having him lying down on his back; I had my whole hand wrapped around it. Then I began to lower my face toward it. Once down next to it I kissed it several times and then my little tongue begin licking on the shaft. Slowly I noticed the pre-cum at the tip and taste it. It’s so tasty and I proceeded to put my face between his legs. It felt so good having his erected cock inside my moist mouth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

By the swimming pool-part 1

The night is getting dark, me and my girl friend sneak into the swimming pool when all the lights is off, wanting to get some privacy. The water is freezing cold, we have a little women talk, bitching about boy friends, from relationship to sex life. Both of us got so excited and out of my control i planted a kiss on my friends lips. She was thrilled and return my kiss passionately. Touching each others face, playing with each other, fondling each other's in the water, sliding our tongues in n out of each others little mouth. I slowly moved my hands over to her back to untangle her bikini strip, take off the bikini top, hold on her hip and give her a little push. Her breast slowly become visible from the water. I lowered my head to lick her nice and full breast, her breast is just nice, not too big and it's very soft. Her tits harden as she moan softly when i lick on it, savouring all my desire on her milky breast.

Then slipping my left hand into the water over her sweet petite body, into her bikini, gliding my fingers to search for the sensitive part. Moving my fingers over the sentitive part in a circular motion, i can feel her body tremble, she was licking my ears, sucking it, flipping her tongue faster and faster, sending electric shock over my body. Then her pussy was filled with water as my finger stroking into it, her body twister and she asked me to stroke it in and out. She was so stimulated, she grab by head with her both hands and push my head over her tits, rubbing my face over her bouncy breasts. Now i stick two of my fingers into it. "Oh my god, that feels so damn fucking good", she said it while she hold my other hand over her neck to strangle her.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nice sex~~part 3

He moved around and gave small thrusting motions with his hips like he was fucking a pussy. I backed up on his shaft some so that he could shove it in my mouth some.... in a fucking mothing. He did 3 or 4 kinda gentle strokes then settled back down on the couch to enjoy some more of the sensations of my mouth all over his cock.

We went on like that for a little while, and then he kind of whispered... but loud enough for me to hear, "I'm going to cum... do you want it in your mouth?" Well I couldn't answer back very well... I had a mouth full of cock! So i just managed to grunt out "Unmf Humpf" ... and continued to suck his dick, figuring he would shoot his load any second.'

He still just sat there on the couch kinda enjoying the cocksucking he was getting... then as he started to feel the cum well up in him I guess, he quickened his little hip thrusts into my mouth. I got ready in anticipation of tasting cum.. and about that time he put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing that cock hard and deep into my mouth...

I was pinned there sort of, and pretty much all I could do was take it... and he started to pound his cock into me then... not really hard of violent... just forcefully. After 5 or 6 of those kind of strokes, I was wondering how just much of that i could take!

But about then, he gave it a big shove into my mouth and I managed to take it as deep as I could... suppressing a gag reflex... and he shot his load. I felt just two pulses from his cock and tasted the warm salty cum in my mouth.

He removed his hand from the back of my head, and I continued to gently suck his cock and swallow the cum. After swallowing the main load, i tongued the slit again for the last little drops of cum that were there.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nice sex~~part 2

He was stimulated and brought my hand to hold his hard chunky member. Feeling his big 6 inches powerful buddy in my hand, I responded by grabbing it, rubbing it softly, slowly then harshly and hastily. Then slowly crawl my other hand down, unfasten his belt, wriggling into his pants like a snake, gliding over his hard rock, continue rolling down to his balls, kneading it softly, as if it will smash anytime.

Can't stand it anymore, he pulled my hand off his pants, naked himself in a split second, give a little push on my shoulder making me lowered my body down kneeling on the floor. I start licking on him, on his inner thigh, slowly moving upward to his lovely pairs, galloping both of it into my wet mouth, suck it sometimes, and lick it other times, but purposely avoiding his major part to make him want it more.

He let out soft groan at times, when I am servicing his asset. Now it's the best time to strike on the bull eyes. I grab his large asset with both hand and start licking on it like licking on my favourite ice cream, while looking up to his face at times to observe his expression. He was so enjoyed, closing his eyes and open them from time to time to see his being swallowed inch by inch. "Ah.. ah.. oh yeah.. give me some more dear~~", "suck it.. suck it deep and hard.. com' on baby~~"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Masturbating in front of your love one~~

I was in bed, he slipped in beside me and wrapped his left arm around me. He gave my tit a gently squeeze and I could feel my nipple starting to harden through the cotton t-shirt. He played with my tits for a few minutes and then his left hand grabbed my hand and moved it toward my tits. Usually i will say no or move my hand away. But tonight I don't know why I let his place my hand on my tit. His cock was rock hard!

He rubbed my hand over my tit and began to kiss the back of my neck. I am very sensitive there and shivered. He still moving my hand over my tit and he pinched my nipple with my thumb and forefinger. My nipple was visible through the shirt. He took my hand and moved it down and under the shirt. My tits are not overly large, but they are a handful.

He moved my hand slowly and lightly over my nipple. I pushed my ass back against his straining erection. He wanted to keep this going as long as he could. He kissed the side of my neck and bit on my earlobe, all the while telling me how hot it made him to see me touching myself.

He let go of my hand and moved his down to my panty covered ass. He held his breath hoping that i would continue to fondle my tits. I let out a slight moan when he caressed my ass and i was still rubbing my tits. I slide my fingers lightly over my nipples and then pinch and pull on them, beginning to pull on them harder and spread my legs, hoping he would move his hand to my wet pussy. He ran his hand over my mound and could feel the wetness through my panties.

He gently pushed me from my side to my stomach and had me raise my ass in the air. I was almost on all fours, but my head was still on the pillow. He pushed my shirt over my head and now had a clear view of my swaying tits. I was rubbing one and then the other. He brought his right hand up to my hand and squeezed my tit. He moved my right hand toward my pussy.

Then he placed my hand on my pussy and began to move my fingers. I spread my legs a little wider and pushed against our hands. He let go of my hand and hooked my panties with his thumb. Quickly he moved them off my ass and down my legs.

As he looked back up, I had pulled my pussy lips apart and my finger was moving quickly over my clit. I was mauling my tits with my left hand and my right was moving over my clit. I my eyes and was lost in the moment.

He was between my legs, holding onto his rock hard cock, stroking it with his hand while watching me played with myself. He left out a slight groan, stroking his hand faster as he saw me slipping a finger into my sopping wet cunt and began finger fucking myself.

My ass cheeks began to quiver as I continued my rapid stroking. I feel my nipples were as hard as I had ever feel before. My body began to shake as my orgasm raked my body. I was moaning softly and biting my lips. I came and came, covering my hand with juices.

He moved between my legs and sucked my pussy coated fingers. He licked them dry and moved up close behind me and grabbed his throbbing cock. It only took a few strokes before he pumped a load of cum onto my ass. We fell onto the bed in each others arms.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nice sex~~part 1

I went into the bathroom, he peek in but I purposely close the door, wait for a while then I peek out to see what he was doing. He sat on the bed,smoking. I made him notice me, and signal him to come into the bathroom.

He smiled. The door opened, he peeked in and saw me smiling sheepishly aware of his presence. He came in and hugged me from behind, lay his head on my shoulder, taking in the scent of my hair. "You are so gorgeous", he whispered into my ears.

He then turned me over, holds me to the wall with his strong arms and kissed me. His kiss is so sweet and warm. I responded by slowly opening my mouth towelcome his tongue. His tongue moved like an eel inside my mouth, sending electric shock to my body, while his hand, cupping my little boobs, kneading it tenderly.

Gently he removed his tongue from my mouth and lowered his head to kiss my neck, he breathe deeper and deeper inhaling the scent of my body. His hands slip to the back of my dress untied the ribbon and let my cloth slide down my body, off my legs onto the floor.

My body was left exposed, leaving only my pink lacey bra and t back panty holding onto my silky black hose.

Excited seeing my barely cover body, he slides his hand down to my inner thigh, touching my skin with his finger tips. I was aroused and moan softly.

He was stimulated and brought my hand to hold his hard chunky member.